BS&WW Prod. Journal 1: The Idea

Welcome to the first entry into the production journal for Broomsticks and Wishing Wells. These journals are designed to bring you behind the scenes of these productions as they unfold. Each week we will release a new entry detailing all that we have achieved, and what is yet to come. We want you to follow along and experience this journey with us.

Today I just want to talk about the idea behind Broomsticks and Wishing Wells. It is a web series using hand and rod puppets. As you can see from the picture they closely resemble that of The Muppets by Jim Henson (the puppet pictured is a first attempt by us, the final puppets will be more refined and professionally constructed). The premise of the show is two witches, Bafflegab and Agatha – who also happen to be sisters – own a magical bric-a-brac shop, where things are constantly coming to life and causing some sort of mischief. The idea appealed to us mainly for its simplicity; only two central characters, one location, and an endless supply of comical situations. As it is our first production we wanted something that wasn’t only achievable but also highly enjoyable.

Well, that’s it for now. Thank you for reading our first journal entry and hope you will continue with us on this process. In the following weeks we will talk about pre-production and introduce you to the team.

See you soon,

Aaron and Elizabeth.

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