BS&WW Prod. Journal 2: Pre-Production

Pre-production is a crucial step in making a movie or television production. First there comes the script, then story boarding, shot lists, casting, location scouting, wardrobe, set design, and the list goes on. Needless to say that without pre-production the whole thing  would come crashing down.

Even with a small web-series like ours the pre-production is still extremely important; maybe even more so than other shows as our cast need to be handmade. In fact our entire world is being made from scratch: the puppets, the props, the furniture, the set; all of it is being made for this sole purpose.

In the following weeks you will see how all of this will unfold. From the script all the way to the first day of shooting when we get into the territory of production. We will show you the obstacles we have faced and how we overcame them. You will see exactly how the magical world of Broomsticks and Wishing Wells comes to life.

Next week we will start with the backbone of the production: the script.

See you soon,

Aaron and Elizabeth.

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