BS&WW Prod. Journal 3: The Script

Broomsticks and Wishing Wells will be a five minute episode series, with 12 episodes per season. The witches, Agatha and Bafflegab, must deal with the inventory in their magic bric-a-brac shop constantly coming to life to wreak havoc. The idea of using the inventory as the antagonists appealed to us because of its convenience. As it is our first production we wanted something that didn’t require too many characters, something we could achieve with just the two of us. And so, having inanimate objects causing trouble seemed to be the best option.

With that being said, we have added a few additional characters, to give their world a little more dimension, and to give us a broader range of plot ideas to play with. For instance, in the first episode Dracula makes an appearance. This gives us an opportunity to introduce the characters in a more natural way than if the witches were on their own.

The style of the show is aimed at being sit-com-style humour with a hint of slap-stick comedy. Neither of us consider ourselves to be comedic writers, so we are slightly apprehensive on the effectiveness of the gags, but we are confident that everyone will find something enjoyable about it. If you have any suggestions on story or how to improve our ideas let us know, we are always open to constructive criticism.

That’s it for now. Next week we will talk about how we are making the puppets.

See you soon,

Aaron and Elizabeth.

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