BS&WW Prod. Journal 5: The Body

The body is essentially using flat-patterning. The hands are a made up of two patterned pieces of foam, the arms is just a tube, and the body is a slightly more sophisticated tube. The fleece on the hands is using the same pattern as the foam hand, only slightly larger in order to wrap around the foam. Ideally we would have the fleece cover the whole arm and body, but we had done so much trial and error with the fleece that we ran out and decided to only use what was necessary.

As I said, the hands are two pieces of foam pressed together. Between these two pieces of foam is a metal armature. This allows the fingers to be moved and positioned as needed. The palm of the hand consists of a piece of rubber, this allows objects to be pinned to the hand and allow the character to hold the objects.

The arm has an internal structure made out of dowel rod. The two pieces of dowel rod are joined together by strips of leather to form an elbow. At first we thought this structure worked great, but after some tests we discovered a problem near the shoulder joint, and we now need to rethink how to do the internal arm structure. On a side note, this is why we have decided to make a supporting character instead of the mains first; so by the time we get around to making the main character we know what we are doing.

There are boning rings around each hole on the body to help retain the shape. We put small 3D printed disks on both the ends of the arm and inside the body to line up where the arms are attached. The arms are operated by rods that slide into small openings on the hands.

That’s all for today, folks. We will see you next week to talk about facial features.

See you soon,

Aaron and Elizabeth.

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