BS&WW Prod. Journal 7: Aaron Bio

So you have read about our production Broomsticks and Wishing Wells. Now it is time for you to meet the crew. This week you will be introduced to the writer and very talented up and coming puppet maker, Aaron Bryn Thomas.Aaron has not always been in the writing industry, but he has always had love for the arts. Growing up he learned the drums and that quickly equated being musically gifted in a variety of different instruments including the bass guitar and the viola. Finishing high school in a small country NSW town, Aaron moved to Sydney to expand his knowledge within the music industry by studying composition at Australian Institute of Music. After completing the 3 year course Aaron found a passion for animation and enrolled himself in a course through Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

It was after the completion of his second course that The 7th Wall was awoken.

When The 7th Wall started, it was created in mind of theatre productions and it was quickly discovered that The 7th Wall was going to be much more than a theatre company, but more so a production company. With Aaron’s passion for music and the new skills he acquired through the animation course, Aaron started writing short and feature plays and began playing around with music videos and short films. Constantly striving for better, Aaron enrolled him himself in writing courses. Teachers and fellow students praised him for his creativity and unique writing styles.

Craving for a chance to showcase his skills, Aaron toyed with different mediums from clay animation to 3D animating and then stumbled upon the idea of puppetry. From what seemed like a silly idea, has blossomed to a daily enjoyment. Not many people get to wake up and say they enjoy their job, and sure The 7th Wall is not his full time job yet, but is certainly a huge aspect of his life that he loves.

See you soon,

Aaron and Elizabeth

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