Behind the Scenes of Exhibit A

Exhibit A introduces the audience to Victoria Franks, a young successful virologist and Tessa Drake, the local virologist who assists Victoria in her research. Victoria visits Tessa in the mountains on a business trip when she is engulfed in an onset of thick fog; lost in the mountains, the girls seek refuge in hope of finding safety.

With the construction of our first web series, Broomsticks and Wishing Wells well underway, we have endeavored on a new project to bring you new content faster! With a short film contest in mind, we have developed a sneak peak into a dystopian world that makes up Exhibit B. For those interested, no I have not made a spelling error. Exhibit A is the title for the short film which acts a prequel to a web series expected to be released in January 2017, called Exhibit B.

As part of the competition we will upload the short film onto our Youtube account which we will to be sure to share the link with you once it has been revealed!

Having filmed all the content, post production in underway and will be showcased to the public on the 1st of August 2016. Don’t miss out on this mystifying journey. Join us as we wonder through fog to discover the truth.



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