Current Projects

I know it has been awhile since we last spoke. We apologise for that! We are currently working on a couple of different projects that have being keeping us very busy. What have we been doing you ask?


We are preparing for an upcoming Victorian Medieval fair. We will be representing The 7th Wall and our prop making skills. Have you seen our Instagram account? We  recently opened an Instagram account click here to see it. On there you can see how our Viking shield and axe are going. We will pass on more details of our stall and the event closer to the date.

After the release of Exhibit A, the writer of the project wanted to explore the world further and answer all those open ended questions. After a lot of fun with writing, creating, rehearsing and filming we are proud to release the web series Exhibit B. Exhibit B follows the trustful Dr Victoria Franks and her findings after the mysterious fog overrun the world. To rewatch Exhibit A please view here. To follow Dr Victoria Franks journey like us on Facebook or subscribe to our Youtube channel. Episodes are released fortnightly on Fridays.

Lastly we are working on a mysterious piece which we hope to give further details come August. This theatrical project is much different to what we have tried in the past and something that will cause a discussing around the dinner table. Stayed tuned for sneak peaks on our Instagram account.


Thank you for all your support thus far. Until next time.

The 7th Wall

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