What Are We?

What is The 7th Wall?

In film and theatre a world is created, a world where anything is possible. This world is encased in a series of metaphorical wall; for film this is created by the camera, for theatre this is the stage. The most well-known of these is the 4th wall. The term ‘breaking the 4th wall’ is used to describe an intentional incident where the actor acknowledges the presence of an audience, thus temporarily taking the actor out of the fictional world and into the audience’s reality. So, if there are 6 walls to this world – 4 sides, a floor and a ceiling – then where is the 7th? We believe the 7th wall is inside the audience. It is the barrier that prevents an immersive experience with a story. By breaking this wall the audience’s disbelief is suspended, their emotions are exposed, and their reality is now one with the fictional world.

What is our mission?

Our goal is to create original and captivating works for stage and screen. With engaging and thought-provoking stories, involving entertaining and complex characters in rich and unique environments. Our hope is to make our audience feel something; whether it be laughing in joy, screaming in anger, or somewhere in-between. Our aim is to give our audience an impacting experience by breaking The 7th Wall.

What can we do for you?

We want to provide you with a top quality service and amazing products. All of our products are tailor made to suit your needs using foam fabrication techniques. What is foam fabrication, you ask? It is a method of creating something from the ground up almost entirely out of foam. Which means no molding or casting; each piece is individually sculpted from foam (even some of our prosthetics). Head over to our Services page to find out more about what we can do for you.