Who Are We?


Aaron Bryn Thomasthe7thwallaaron2

From a young age Aaron has had a great interest in the entertainment industry and the art of storytelling. Growing up he would find inspiration in the movies he watched and the books he read, and it wasn’t long before he started writing his own stories.

His love for music led him to The Australian Institute of Music, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Composition. This course, albeit in a roundabout way, opened up the world of film making to him, and he decided to change course in his studies.

Aaron has always been fascinated by the different mediums that storytelling draws on: traditional film making, both 2D and 3D animation, stop-motion, plays, graphic novels, etc. And that is why he decided to study 3D animation at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment.

Always striving to improve Aaron has also completed a few short courses by AFTRS focused on writing for both film and television.

Learning about animation at AIE led him to his interest in stop-motion animation, and that, in turn, led him to puppet building. All these courses and skills have made Aaron a better film maker and storyteller by being able to confidently confer with all departments with a deeper knowledge.

the7thwalllizElizabeth Jones

When she was growing up Elizabeth always wanted to be a teacher. She was type of girl who would line up her toys in front of a chalk board and pretend they were her students.

She became interested in acting in her year 7 Drama class, which soon developed into a passion when she first walked out on stage. If you ask any of her friends they would say she was shy and reserved until she got to know you, after that her gregarious and lighthearted side would emerge. When Elizabeth performed on stage it wasn’t just her closest friends who got to see that side of her, it was the whole audience.

Over the next few years the flames within didn’t diminish; participating in various theatre competitions and working with local theatre companies. And so, wishing to pursue a career in theatre, she enrolled into Deakin University and received a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in drama, and specialising in theatre.

Other training she has completed are various short courses through NIDA and AFTRS.

In addition to studying drama, Elizabeth also completed a post-graduate certificate in human resource management. She wishes to fuse these two skills, theatre and training, to create an applied theatre program; using storytelling and unique formats to deliver a thought-provoking message to audience members.